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The Brook Hill Academy Dual Diploma Program
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The Brook Hill Academy offers a Dual Diploma for international high school students who want to graduate with TWO diplomas: one from their local high school, and one from the United States. Dual diploma students study part-time at The Brook Hill Academy while they continue studying at their local high school to fulfill the requirements for both diplomas.


An American high school diploma gives students a step above their peers as they compete for entrance to universities and for jobs around the world. Beyond showing excellent proficiency in English, committing to studying for a U.S. high school diploma shows a forward-thinking attitude and long-term dedication.

The Brook Hill high school diploma is a full, accredited diploma recognized in the United States and internationally. Most international students choose our College Preparatory Diploma track, which is our most rigorous diploma track. The College Prep diploma ensures that students have met the most rigorous course and credit requirements for entry into almost any university in the U.S. and around the world. Many other schools’ graduation requirements only meet specific U.S. state requirements, which may result in students needing to take additional courses to even be able to apply to universities outside of that specific U.S. state and outside of the United States. The College Prep Diploma is 20 credits. Most students find that the need to complete at least 5.5 credits (6 courses) at The Brook Hill Academy in order to graduate, with the opportunity to transfer additional credits from their local high school to fulfill the diploma requirements. 

Additional benefits of the College Preparatory dual diploma program include:

  • A U.S. high school diploma can eliminate the need for transcript evaluation and corresponding fees. 

  • College admissions advising is included for students who are interested in attending university in the United States. This covers an overview of the application process, how to write a college admissions essay, and opportunities in higher education.

  • Guaranteed admission to U.S. universities. Graduates of The Brook Hill Academy who meet the requirements are guaranteed admission and enrollment to select colleges and universities in the United States.

  • Access to live courses with American teachers. For an additional cost, Diploma students are eligible to partake in our Live Courses.

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