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The Brook Hill Academy offers three types of non-credit bearing live courses to enrich students’ academic experience and cultural growth. All courses are taught via videoconferencing software by Brook Hill teachers and encourage student interaction with their classmates from all corners of the globe. Each course is 15 hours and students can sign up on their own schedule.


Live courses are open to diploma-seeking students only. They are optional and are not required to obtain a diploma.


Live Seminar Courses are offered as a supplement to our English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, U.S. History, and U.S. Government & Politics core courses. The live seminar courses further the course objectives, while also offering the opportunity to meet and collaborate with their peers from around the world.


The English Prep Course allows non-native English-speaking students to improve and fine-tune their English skills online. The course enhances students’ vocabulary and grammar skills, with a focus on speaking and listening. Students discuss and collaborate in teams to emphasize soft skill development while practicing grammar points and thematic vocabulary.


The Speech & Debate Course allows students to develop skills to clearly and convincingly express their thoughts and opinions, which is essential in both professional and personal settings. The course prepares students for real-world debates and discussions in the future—whether in the classroom, around the dinner table, or in the workplace. Tackling contemporary topics and issues, students learn to put the fear of public speaking behind them and identify and present their main points and arguments in a clear, confident, and articulate manner.

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