University-Level Courses

University-level courses are open to all students and can be taken in conjunction with either diploma track or as individual courses (not part of a diploma program). University-level courses offer students the ability to earn credits toward a university degree. In some cases, these courses may also meet core requirements toward our high school diploma. We offer two types of university-level courses: Advanced Placement® Courses, and Dual Credit Courses.

Advanced Placement® Courses

Advanced Placement® Courses are taught by a high school teacher at The Brook Hill Academy. When students complete an AP® course, they have the option of taking the corresponding AP® exam, which is administered outside of The Brook Hill Academy. Depending on their score on the exam, American universities to which they send the AP® exam results may accept the score as university credit towards their degree. Depending on the university, they may use the exam results as course placement and/or waive a corresponding General Education introductory course requirement. Current AP® courses offered by The Brook Hill Academy include:

Full year (1 credit) AP® courses:

  • AP® English Language and Composition

  • AP® U.S. History

  • AP® European History

  • AP® World History

  • AP® Calculus

  • AP® Calculus A/B

  • AP® Statistics

  • AP® Computer Science A

  • AP® Computer Science Principles

  • AP® Biology

  • AP® Chemistry

  • AP® Physics C

  • AP® Physics I

  • AP® Environmental Science

  • AP® Human Geography

  • AP® Spanish Language

  • AP® French Language and Culture

  • AP® Art History

  • AP® Music Theory

Half year (0.5 credit) AP® courses:

  • AP® U.S. Government & Politics

  • AP® Macroeconomics

  • AP® Microeconomics

  • AP® Psychology

Dual Credit Courses

The Brook Hill Academy offers Dual Credit courses in partnership with an affiliated university. Dual Credit courses are college classes that are taught by a college professor at the affiliated university. When students complete a Dual Credit course, they receive both high school credit and university credit for the course. American universities will accept the university credit earned and will likely waive a corresponding General Education introductory course requirement.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to attend higher education in the United States and want to save time and money towards their university degree while studying at The Brook Hill Academy. Dual Credit courses are available for students in the 11th and 12th grades only. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and must meet the prerequisites.

More information on dual credit course offerings is coming soon!

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