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Elective Courses
Computer Programming
Students in a Science Class

High school students often take elective courses to explore personal passions and interests and learn more about different subjects and fields of study before deciding to pursue them as a major at University. In addition, students who demonstrate that they are well-rounded with multiple academic interests and passions are often more attractive to University admissions. The Brook Hill Academy offers a wide range of elective courses to fit a variety of student interests, with more than 50 elective courses available. A small sample of elective courses can include:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Smart Cities

  • Startups and Innovation

  • Business Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance

  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing

  • Virtual Business

  • Principles of Government and Public Administration

  • Principles of Health Science

  • Medical Microbiology

  • Principles of Education & Training

  • Accounting

  • Advertising

  • World Health Research

  • Audio/Video Production

  • Fundamentals of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

  • Fundamentals to Blockchain & Cryptography

  • Personal Finance

  • Principles of Architecture

  • Robotics: Applications and Careers

  • The History of Gaming and Esports

  • Transportation Technologies

  • Wearable Technology Innovations

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