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Credit Recovery Tutorials

The Brook Hill Academy offers optional self-paced tutorials in English, History, Math, and Science. These tutorials use a computer algorithm to identify learning gaps and automatically generate a personalized learning plan, offering targeted, computer-based instruction to address such gaps. These are completed at students’ own pace and do not have a teacher.

Students can take these tutorial courses if they need extra help in a subject. In addition, if they have failed a similar course at their local school, they can take a Credit Recovery Tutorial and transfer the credit to their local school. (Students should confirm that their school will accept this credit.) This will mitigate the need to retake the course in person and/or attend summer school. Students can also take these tutorial courses if they have failed a similar course at The Brook Hill Academy.

Different from the rest of our courses, these tutorials are available for students both in high school and in middle school.

Computer Class
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