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Here at The Brook Hill Academy, we believe that students should study a variety of subjects and courses to become well-rounded high school graduates who are prepared and ready for their university and professional careers. That is why we offer a large selection of courses and course types, from core and elective courses, to university-level courses, and to credit recovery courses-- both for students enrolled in a diploma program, and for students who want to take individual courses to further their educational goals.


Students are able to enroll and start their Brook Hill journey at any time. All courses are easily accessible by computer, tablet, or smartphone. Because the courses are asynchronous, students are easily able to integrate their Brook Hill studies into their daily lives. They move at their own pace through their courses, while our instructors monitor their progress and give them individualized attention and support throughout each course. They are always available to answer students’ and parents’ questions.

No matter whether our students are native English speakers or non-native English speakers, all of our courses are conducted entirely in English. Our online platform offers the additional benefit of translating some sections if needed, so that non-native speakers can compare the material in English with translations to their native language to ensure that they fully understand new vocabulary words.

Course offerings include: Core courses, live courses, university-level courses, elective courses, test preparation courses, and credit recovery tutorials.

  • Core courses include all courses that are required for diploma programs, as well as additional courses. All core courses are open to both diploma-seeking and non-diploma-seeking students.

  • Live courses are taught online with videoconferencing software by Brook Hill teachers and encourage student interaction and group work with their peers around the world. Live courses are only open to diploma-seeking students at this time.

  • University-level courses are taught at a higher level than our other courses; students may earn credits toward a university degree, and in some cases, these courses may also meet core requirements toward our high school diploma. University-level courses are open to both diploma-seeking and non-diploma-seeking students.

  • Elective courses offer a wealth of different subjects beyond what is traditionally offered in high schools. Elective courses allow students to pursue their passions, and we have a large range of courses to fit a variety of students’ interests. Elective courses are open to both diploma-seeking and non-diploma-seeking students.

  • Test preparation courses are self-paced tutorials to prepare students for U.S. college admissions tests such as the SAT and ACT. Test preparation courses are open to both diploma-seeking and non-diploma-seeking students.

  • Credit recovery tutorials in English, History, Math, and Science help students improve their performance in a certain subject. In addition, if students have failed a similar course at their local school, they can take our tutorial and may be able to transfer the credit to their local school. Credit recovery tutorials are open to both diploma-seeking and non-diploma-seeking students.

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