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Course Descriptions for Required Diploma Courses

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Most student find that they need to complete at least 5 courses for both the General Studies and the College Preparatory Diploma Tracks: English 9, English 10, English 11, U.S. History, and U.S. Government & Politics. The College Preparatory Diploma requires English 12 in addition (6 courses total).


Please see below for descriptions of each required diploma course.

  • U.S. History
    U.S. History traces the nation's history from the pre-colonial period to the present.
  • U.S. Government & Politics
    In U.S. Government and Politics, students examine the history, principles, and function of the political system established by the U.S. Constitution.
  • English 12
    The English 12 course asks students to closely analyze world literature and consider how we humans define and interact with the unknown, the monstrous, and the heroic.
  • English 10
    The focus of the English 10 course is the writing process. Three writing applications guide the curriculum: persuasive, expository, and narrative writing.
  • English 9
    The English 9 course is an overview of exemplar selections of literature in fiction and nonfiction genres. Students read short stories, poems, a full-length novel, and a full-length Shakespeare play, analyzing the use of elements of literature in developing character, plot, and theme.
  • English 11
    In the English 11 course, students examine the belief systems, events, and literature that have shaped the United States. They begin by studying the language of independence and the system of government developed by Thomas Jefferson and other enlightened thinkers.
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